Mobile Phone Technicians That Care

We know your phone is indispensable to your life. You use it to keep in contact with friends and family, listen to music, receive messages from work, read notes from school, catch up on the news, and that’s just the start.  If your phone breaks, it makes life just that little bit more complicated. With us, you won’t have to worry because we'll repair it and make sure it's working like new.

Expert Technicians

Our highly trained technicians are able to diagnose and fix any issue your phone may have. No bookings required. Simply bring it into our store, and we’ll sort it out. Your phone will be just like new, before the day is over. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to one of your most important possessions, and your phone is safe with us.  

Mobile phone technician repairing a phone

Why Choose Our Phone Repair Services?

Quick turnaround

Once we receive your phone. most repairs, like screen replacement can be done same day.

Experienced staff

Certified technicians with years of experience, they are reliable and transparent.

3 month warranty

Our warranty covers part defects, so if it stops functioning properly, we will repair it again at no additional cost.

Just like new

We use quality OEM parts from the manufacturer, or quality aftermarket parts where these can’t be found.

Affordable prices

We charge a reasonable price for our expert mobile phone repair services. Fix your device right the first time.

Free diagnostics

Just like a good doctor, if you’ve got a suspicion, we’ll help you work out what’s wrong, and fix it.

Expect a High Quality Repair with Warranty

If your screen is broken, cracked or scratched, we can replace it, same day. Screen damage is the most common issue we see, as little drops, slips, and falls can damage the glass screen and touch functionality. 

Mobile Phone Glass Screen Repaired

Same Day Phone Screen Replacement

When the glass breaks, this creates little fractures that can expand over time, and the fragments may even cut your hand. The touch screen can act erratically, or stop altogether, if the digitizer attached to it is damaged. The LCD screen can also fracture. This looks like a distortion or ink blots on the screen. We can fix all of these problems, at a very affordable price with our regularly trained and experienced mobile phone technicians at our various outlets.

Phone Models We Fix


  •   iPhone 6
  •   iPhone 6s 
  •   iPhone 6s Plus
  •   iPhone 7
  •   iPhone 7 Plus
  •   iPhone 8
  •   iPhone 8 Plus
  •   iPhone X
  •   iPhone XS
  •   iPhone XS Max
  •   iPhone XR
  •   iPhone 11
  •   iPhone 11 Pro
  •   iPhone 11 Pro Max
  •   iPhone SE
  •   iPhone 12 mini
  •   iPhone 12
  •   iPhone 12 Pro
  •   iPhone 12 Pro Max
  •   iPhone 13 mini
  •   iPhone 13
  •   iPhone 13 Pro
  •   iPhone 13 Pro Max


  • Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy 2
  • Galaxy 3
  • Galaxy 4
  • Galaxy 5
  • Galaxy 6
  • Galaxy 7
  • Galaxy 8
  • Galaxy 9

Google Pixel

  •   Pixel
  •   Pixel XL
  •   Pixel 2
  •   Pixel 2 XL
  •   Pixel 3
  •   Pixel 3 XL
  •   Pixel 3a
  •   Pixel 3a XL
  •   Pixel 4
  •   Pixel 4 XL
  •   Pixel 4a
  •   Pixel 4a 5G
  •   Pixel 5
  •   Pixel 5a 5G
  •   Pixel 6
  •   Pixel 6 Pro


  •   Mate 20, Pro
  •   P20, Pro
  •   Nova 3i
  •   Nova 3e
  •   Y6 2018


  • R17 PRO
  • R17
  • Find X
  • R15 Pro
  • R15
  • R11s
  • AX5
  • A73
  • A3s

Phone Not Listed?

Contact us and we'll see what we can do!

In most cases we can order the parts and fix it for you.

Other Mobile Phone Problems?

No worries, we can help you fix it.

Hardware Issues We Can Fix

  •   Faulty power, home, and volume buttons
  •   Malfunctioning battery, dock & Lightning connectors
  •   Misbehaving microphones and speakers
  •   Faulty SIM-card readers
  •   Malfunctioning front and rear facing cameras
  •   Water damaged phones (results not guaranteed)
  •   Problems with charging
  •   Housing/frame bent
  •   Phone not turning on
  •   Faulty Wifi / Bluetooth receivers

We Can Also Assist With

  •   Data recovery
  •   Software and firmware updates
  •   Unlocking for overseas use
  •   Change phone housing/frame colour

Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?

If your phone is having any of the problems listed below, just bring it to us, and we can fix it.

  •   If your screen is randomly changing, or nothing’s moving at all and touching your screen doesn’t make it do anything, that’s touchscreen damage.
  •   If you can hear people but they can’t hear you, you’re having microphone problems.
  •   If you can’t hear people but they can hear you, it’s the speaker that’s on the fritz.
  •   If your screen is distorted or has ink blotches, it’s your LCD screen that’s damaged. 
  •   If your screen won’t light up or it’s sporadic, your back light is faulty.
  •   If your phone has landed in water, see us ASAP. Just remove the battery, sim-card, and memory card, and take it to us. 
  •   If your battery won’t charge, the charging port could be wonky or the battery dead.
  •   If your battery runs out too fast, it’s time for a replacement.
  •   If your battery is dead, it’s definitely time to replace it.
  •   If your power, home, or volume buttons are unreliable, it’s time for a fix.
  •   If your photos are too light or too dark or too fuzzy, something happened to the camera.
  •   If you’re travelling overseas, we can unlock your phone for you.