How We Can Fix Your Phone?

Just follow these 3 simple steps

1 Call us or visit our location pages to find your nearest store for a free quote.

2 Drop your phone at our store and it will be repaired the same day while you shop.

3 Our technician will call you when your phone is fixed and ready for pick-up.

Why Choose Our Phone Repair Services?

Quick turnaround

Once we receive your phone. most repairs, like screen replacement can be done same day.

Experienced staff

Certified technicians with years of experience, they are reliable and transparent.

3 month warranty

Our warranty covers part defects, so if it stops functioning properly, we will repair it again at no additional cost.

Just like new

We use quality OEM parts from the manufacturer, or quality aftermarket parts where these can’t be found.

Affordable prices

We charge a reasonable price for our expert mobile phone repair services. Fix your device right the first time.

Free diagnostics

Just like a good doctor, if you’ve got a suspicion, we’ll help you work out what’s wrong, and fix it.

Mobile Phone Repairs & Screen Replacements

Technician Repairing iPhone

We can fix any mobile phone model

We have over 12 years experience fixing tens of thousands of devices. Our technician's are always up for a challenge! They work hard to find a solution to your tech problems. We use strict quality control and all phones are checked before we message you to let you know your phone is fixed. 

Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Accessories

Technician Repairing iPhone Motherboard

Phone Cases, Power Banks & More

We stock a wide range of accessories from phone cases and screen protectors, headphones and earphones, charging cables and power-banks. Find it at your nearest Sunshine Communications outlet. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, and HTC

Mobile Phone Accessories

Expert Mobile Phone Technicians

We can fix screens same-day.

Other more complex tasks, for example those that involve the motherboard, or water damage, take a few days longer.

We can also fix

  •   Faulty power, home, and volume buttons
  •   Malfunctioning battery, dock & Lightning connectors
  •   Misbehaving microphones and speakers
  •   Faulty SIM-card readers
  •   Malfunctioning front and rear facing cameras
  •   Water damaged phones (inspection required)
  •   Problems with charging
  •   Housing/frame bent
  •   Phone not turning on
  •   Faulty Wifi/bluetooth receivers

Additionally, we can do

  •   Data recovery
  •   Software and firmware updates
  •   Unlocking for overseas use
  •   Change phone housing/frame colour

Visit Our Shop Locations

Our expert phone repair technicians are near you in a variety of locations in NSW and Queensland.

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